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Apparently all the bodies were dismembered and some parts he allegedly tossed in a nearby spongebob live action porn river.
In a taped confession made in the Sacramento FBI office soon after he was detained on July 24, 1999, Stayner described how he had planned to rape and kill his girlfriend and her 8- and 11-year-old daughters a year before he settled upon the Sunds."It has not been easy said the Cape and Islands Assistant District Attorney Michael O'Keefe.Now he is serving a life sentence and hopefully they won't let him out again.James' body was found two days later in a trash bin behind a church in a New Orleans suburb."Hotel security is the basic issue said Steven Fabbro of San Francisco.The remains, found in a vacant lot in East Austin in September 1995, are those of Sylvia Victoria Garcia Gonzalez, the wife of Martin Gonzalez Three other women linked to Gonzalez are still missing.Lockhart, 37, was also sentenced to death in Indianna and Florida for killing two girls.Etnies - Lo-Cut II (Royal/White/Black) - Men's etnies - Lo-Cut II (Royal/White/Black) - Men's: Making its debut in 1999, the Lo-Cut II is a proven seller in the etnies line that just wont quit.Hicks served six years of a 10-year prison sentence for killing his first wife, 23-year-old Jennie Hicks, who disappeared from the couple's Carmel home in 1977."He hasn't been seen (by police) in two years."We've exhausted all leads and haven't been able to identify where he is Stevens said.While being interrogated he related how he talked with Anderson, a prostitute with a serious drug habit, about what he would do with her.Etnies - Faction (Black/White/Red) - Men's etnies - Faction (Black/White/Red) - Men's: Vulcanized construction.
Suspected of at least four slayings, Peoples was arrested on November 12, 1997, with a backpack that had a stolen badge and identification card local gay chat room belonging to an Alameda County sheriff's deputy.