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Allow me to start with what worked in this film: the unintentional comedic moments?So, with the proper knowledge of making movies, with zero dollars, it can still look good.Moments and occurrences in the film that was intended on being serious, life altering in the life of Cam'ron, turned out to be hilarious.The girl that played his childhood friend was the worse actor in the film.The two Harlem emcees go way back to Manhattan Center high school when they both played on the schools basketball team together.BET and all related titles and logos are trademarks of Viacom International Inc.The acting free online life coach chat really sunk this film to a one star status rather than two stars.On the other hand, everything about this film was pitifully awful.I would be wasting my time and anyone else's time on sitting here, typing in the details that makes this film a steaming pile.Let me curve this ni*a fore I end up killing him.Socialites, did Mase win this rap battle?Her boyfriend at the door, could I hurry up and get him out.Paid In nj camp nude sites Full, that's Real Money, paid In Full.I feel as if I sunk a level for even taking the time to rate and comment.The writing was the worst.They made me feel as if I was watching paint dry.Miramax Credits, paid In Full, actor 2002, related Videos."And then I got the Reebok 2's, the Flea 2's, is gonna be made in pony skin with Killa Pink also.".